The Lost Boys (1987)

The Lost Boys
Directed by Joel Schumacher
(number 438)

Rachel and Lizzy came over to watch this with me. We all got very excited about the clothing.

I first saw this movie as a teenager, when my big brother Michael was in a phase of mostly coming out at night, wearing black and sunglasses if he had to be out during the day. We knew, we KNEW he wasn’t actually a vampire, but the similarities were a bit close for comfort.

Our lead character, Sam (Corey Haim) has to prove he’s not a fake geek boy to the Frog brothers, which is kinda funny. Imagine if they’d cast a girl to be Sam … and if one of the Frog Brothers was a Frog sister… oh my goodness. I think I’ll go and write a fic or something.

*clears throat* You can see the film is dated not just from the fantastic clothes but also from the lighting and the sound quality. It’s all terribly goth, with the vampire teens wearing awesome jackets and hanging out in an abandoned hotels with lots of candles and the girl is all gypsy.

Star is an interesting character, in the sense of…. she’s an amazing perfect interesting girl who is beautiful and interested in Michael, she’s shown as a mother figure (always protecting the youngest lots boy) and yeah she’s not interesting at all. She’s a totally predictable ‘girl’ character. Sigh.

Does it make me love the people? Yep. I love this whole entire movie. The baby Coreys, Kiefer, Mr Gilmore… and yeah. Lots of good memories associated with this film.

Plus we have some good theories about how the vampires get their shoes back on as they fly out, that Sam and his mother Lucy swap clothes. Lizzy is keen to know where the Frog parents are, and the back stories of all the vampires.

Lizzy: The plumbing in this house sucks!
Me: It’s vampire plumbing.
Lizzy: Why is the lighting in this room all red?
Me: Vampire lighting!
Lizzy: Vampire interior decoration sucks.

In terms of vampire lore the rules are a bit fuzzy – garlic doesn’t work, holy water does slow them down but only kills in tubs full. Stake through the heart is good but slow, and impaling with deer antlers in a homoerotic display of power works too. They can fly and they have some sort of mind control thing (making Michael see maggots and worms instead of Chinese food), but mostly they just look really cool and they make you want to be cool and join them by drinking out of their elaborately decorated ‘wine’ bottle.

This movie is cheese. It’s late 8os Goth cheese and it’s great fun to watch, especially with a few friends who you can crack wise about it with.

Bechdel test: Sadly, no. Star and Lucy are really the only females with names and they’re never in the same scene.

Best lines:

Sam: Don’t kill me, Mike! I’m basically a good kid!

Frog brother: Kill your brother, you’ll feel better.

Grandpa: One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach, all the damn vampires.

State of Mind: Hell yeaaaahhhhhhh!!!! I should also point out that after Stand By Me the other day I bought Corey Feldman’s autobiography and it’s really good.


One thought on “The Lost Boys (1987)

  1. I’m not really someone who likes to try and put things from one mold into another. BUT, if they were World of Darkness vampires, the popular opinion is that they were Ravnos. And that a lot of the stuff (like the moggots) was their illusion power (Chimestry).

    I thought you were at my 80’s birthday party a couple of years back. Didn’t we watch this there? I thought we watched Breakfast Club and the Lost Boys, but maybe you’d left by the time we started Lost Boys…

    (Re-reading the review, I see I misunderstood, I though you were saying this is the first time you’d seen this since you were a teenager…)

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