Sunday Crafting

I had one of those awesome weekends where I didn’t have much planned so I got lots done. I’m up to page 50 out of 134 in my rewrite of Kiki, which feels pretty good to be honest. Looking forward to knocking off some more of that this week. I also did some writing of LARP characters which needed doing.

Yesterday I did some painting of my Jack Frost costume hoodie and today I did some more of that. It probably has two to three more sessions with a finer brush before I’m happy with it, but it’s looking good!

2014-03-09 16.25.00

After a trip to Pete’s Emporium I had cushion inners, so I transformed my t shirt from the Dr Who symphony into a big squishy cushion. You can see it here, posing on my messy bed.

Jennitalula cushion

(It has now been christened, because I napped on it and there was maybe a bit of drool, I couldn’t say for sure.)

This morning I woke up with the desire to sew something, but I didn’t know what. I went to the sewing machine, mended a pair of pants, did most of a cushion cover for Sophie and worked on a project I started randomly last year and then put away for ages…

I sewed all the bits to the backing and then I added a fancy rainbow border and then I added a cityscape to the front bit. It’s my take on this quilt which I obviously, found on pinterest.


I added in some random things amongst the hearts because it’s cute and I clearly can’t actually do simple when it comes to quilts. I’m okay with this. You can’t really see in the picture but I’ve penciled in a stick figure me and some other wee things to embroider around the hearts.

Feeling accomplished!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Crafting

  1. Excellent work – great idea to transform the Dr Who t-shirt into a cushion. I’ve a tv I bought especially for the. 50th anniversary celebrations so maybe I should make that into a cushion. Jean

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