The Incredibles (2004)

The Incredibles
Written and Directed by Brad Bird
(number 405)

The first Pixar movie on the list that I’ve got around to 🙂

I remember being totally blown away when I first saw this at the movies. It was so unlike any animated movie that had come out of Hollywood in… ever? I’ve seen it many times since then, but it’s one of those movies you can put on and kind of ignore, because you know what’s happening anyway, so I don’t know when I last paid very much attention to it.

The styling all seems very Mad Men now, but of course it came so much before that show. The styling isn’t just super cool but it also emphasises the ‘perfect’ American nuclear family – the housewife, the husband who works in a soul crushing office job and two point five kids – the boy obsessed with sports and the girl who’s shy and in love with a boy.

The fact that they’re all superheroes contrasts well with the expectations of such a stylised setting while also being absolutely part of the same era, which is all very clever. Plus we have neat science, hilarious bad guy (Voiced by Jason Lee) and everyone’s favourite animated fashion icon, Edna Mode.

Does it make me love the people? Oh yes, because Helen is styled like a typical housewife, terrified that her husband is cheating on her but then she also pursues what she wants and will stop at nothing to protect her kids and her husband.

Bechdel test: Yes. First when Helen Parr calls Edna and there’s cross talk about the mended super suit and then when Helen visits her. They talk about costumes, and about going out there and being Elastigirl. There is a lot of talk about Mr Incredible during this exchange, but it still passes on other lines. There’s also a nice conversation between Helen and Violet about Violet’s powers and how she can be brave, trust herself and how Helen was unfair to expect so much of her out of the blue.

We have four main named female characters, and two minor named females which is a great improvement on many of the films on the list I’ve watched so far.

Best line:
“Fine. I will also fix the horrible suit”

State of Mind: Pretty pleased. We chased it up with some episodes of Batman: the brave and the bold


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