Things I Love Thursday

Trips to Auckland. I had a lovely four day weekend spending time with Anna, shopping, checking out some delicious foods and generally having fun. I like how warm Auckland is and how Anna-having it is. Especially loved the ‘hard to find’ bookshop in Onehunga, where I managed to restrain myself to just three books. We also had a lot of luck in K Mart where I got a kaiju pillow pet and a glow in the dark solar system.

Just kind of love aeroplanes as well. I know I’ve mentioned this once or twice before, but it’s a really brilliant technology and I like it. Plus both my flights were in ‘Koru hour’ which meant I got fancy cheese and crackers and an open bar service. Good times.

Getting writing done, it’s very satisfactory. I don’t have much planned for the weekend so I may try and go hard and get a bunch more done.

This gave me a bit of a happy tear…

Honourable Mentions: Buzzfeed personality quizzes, Frozen Free Fall, music playlists, hot baths, awesome fan art, Welcome to Night Vale, Rekorderlig, drunken singstar, Japanese food, tumblr and pinterest.

And for your hipster music, more Fun.

This one is called Carry On and it’s lovely.


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