Things I Love Thursday

Easter chocolate! Cadbury’s milk chocolate eggs and bunnies, caramello bunnies, creme eggs, mini eggs.. nom nom nom.

True Detective
Okay so I’m not actually done with this show yet, but I’m getting there and holy hell do I love it. Blair and I enjoy doing the accents of the leads, and dear god it’s intense but it’s so funny as well. The characters are fantastic.

SCP Foundation – another thing on the darker side of enjoyment. My friend Simon has been methodically working his way through the whole archive and he sends me especially good ones, which means I get to read the highlights. It’s awesome, dark and spooky and again with a sense of humour.

Clean house!
Okay this is slow going – but on Sunday I went hard and cleaned the bathroom top to bottom and it looked so much better… It actually make me smiley and happy about showering on Monday morning. I also did a deep clean of my bedroom this week and that feels wonderful as well. Nothing like having clear space and knowing things are clean to ease your mind.

Honourable Mentions: My lovely girlfriend Anna, Frozen Free Fall, Skype, clean PJs, Netflix, new toys (I got Randy’s old Xbox 360 and a kinect off trade me), Pinterest, lovely workmates, roast chicken, odd dreams and having nothing planned for the weekend.

Frozen parodies continue to be pretty great…

(Ssssh I’m not crying it’s just a bit damp in the eye regions today)

Keep your Head Up ~ Ben Howard
(Thanks Sophie for introducing me to this dude)


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