Things I Love Thursday

Different kinds of breathing for relaxation, such as Breaths of Fire or seven eleven breathing.

I’m really enjoying my 500 Movies project, even though I’ve watched some traumatic stuff lately, it’s also letting me revisit stuff like Big and The Blues Brothers and I’m watching frequently enough that I can save them to drafts and publish them closer to in order.

Dance Central on Kinect! I’ve spent four out of five nights this week playing it for exercise and it’s so much fun. Okay it makes me feel uncoordinated and wayyyy to white for the hip hop songs, but it’s awesome fun.

Anna ❤ it’s not just anyone who would call me and read a picture book over the phone to cheer me up. I love to skype her and we’re total dorks and it’s fine, it’s awesome. I don’t know how else to say this, but I’m seeing her tomorrow and I cannot wait!

Honourable Mentions: Easter chocolate, PJs, Frozen Free Fall, the smell of clean washing, a clean and tidy room, my squad at work, getting cases deployed with no site errors and chocolate ice cream.

I feel I’m a bit behind on this song, since everyone was into Daft Punk last year but… this song. It’s the sad song of a robot who’s sentient and confused (I think) and I can’t stop listening to it. So beautiful…


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