Things I Love Thursday

Dance Central: I come home, I dance for 20 – 30 mins, I feel good about exercising and I sleep better at night. Plus it’s good for my heart! Yay! Plus tonight I danced to Everybody by the Backstreet Boys and now I’m basically the member of a boy band.

Reading: Really enjoying re-reading the Princess Diaries books. They’re so fun and funny, and ultimately really comforting which is apparently what I really need right now.

LARP: Only spend one day at the Hyrdra LARP convention but it was a lot of fun. I played in a silly game and then helped run/created chaos in a slightly less silly game. Good times. I’m especially pleased with the times I laughed so hard it hurt, people saying that it was fun and other people saying they want to play in the re-run.

Mostly I’m really really excited because I have the long weekend plus one day off work and Anna’s coming down and then I’m going up to Auckland for Anzac weekend so, I get lots of my lovely girlfriend and sleeping in and chocolate!

Honourable Mentions: My rainbow umbrella, being asked if I’m the Queen of Coats, warm blankets, hot chocolate, easter bunnies, marshmallow eggs, raving with people about True Detective, warm socks, Batman lego sets and awesome music.

Old school jam for music this week, Girl by Tori Amos because it’s an epic and wonderful song.


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