Things I Love Thursday

Auckland! I love Mission Bay, I love the warmth of the weather, I love the range of foods and the shops (gigantic Spotlight in Albany!) and of course my girl ❤

Excellent media, I watched season 5 and start of season 6 Buffy on the weekend, I saw Only Lovers Left Alive last week and it’s freaking brilliant, and there’s some good stuff coming out as well, keen to see more movies and watch more of my 500 project. It’s all just a bit exciting.

Honourable Mentions: Royal revolt on my tablet, Macdonald’s hot chocolates, smooth and stress free air travel, crafting, planning craft projects, introducing new people to craft and them loving it, people asking me to stream music for them, tasty tacos, gourmet chocolates, pretty sunsets, possibilities and sweet dreams.

…for a dollar?

A melancholy song from one of my favourite film, The Last Unicorn. Some times this week I’ve felt this song is all too accurate.


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