Sunday Crafting

I had planned to make my friend Amy from work a baby quilt, and I talked to the other testers about donating (cash, fabric or cross stitched pieces to incorporate). All was going well, a bit on the slow side but there was no rush right? Not until Amy brought her moving date forward, anyway….

I got the last cross stitch pieces on Friday. Sarah came over to make more blocks (she’d already made 3) and help with the assembling of the quilt on Saturday. We got it into sandwich form by about 1.30 and I said to her “It won’t be done in time.” (Amy’s last day being Monday)

I bundled up the quilt sandwich and drove out to visit my folks, and my mum very kindly helped me hand quilt for a couple of hours Saturday afternoon… and again on Sunday morning. I drove home and sat down in front of the TV and finished most of the hand quilting before a break to catch up with friends and see Only Lovers Left Alive, then came home finished the hand quilting and the binding in front of Back to the Future 2 and 3 !

jennitalula quilt

I’m very impressed with myself. I can’t remember ever finishing a baby quilt so fast. Plus it looks awesome!

Here’s Amy with it, bump and all…

jennitalula quilt


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