Things I Love Thursday

It’s coooold. Which means the litany of things which keep me warm is going to be added to the Things I Love Thursday list. Here goes: Electric blankets, heaters, flannelette PJs, snuggly soft slippers, warm blankets and dreaming about snuggles with Anna.

Change… okay so it’s not easy, and it can be painful and weird – but it’s also very essential. Imagine what we’d be like if we never changed? So, I’m in a bit of a state of change at the moment but I’m choosing to embrace and celebrate it. Just in a very low key way, heh.

I had a very lovely weekend with my parents and catching up with Luke and Sam – out for dinner with my folks and then a drink and the Grand Budapest Hotel with Sam. It was excellent and I wish to do it again. Also sardines on toast on Mother’s Day morning = yummo.

Looking forward to two new games, which is quite exciting – Roleplaying! I’ve been feeling like I don’t have enough going on atm so this will be a nice change.

Honourable Mentions: Lovely real estate agents, Lego, reality shows about singing, ice cream, good films, tacos, chocolate bars, pinterest, doing epic amounts of craft win and pretty pretty fabric.

I started watching Look Around You and it’s great. But it reminded me of one of my all time favourite 48 hour films… How to Deal with the Situation:

Tori music lifts my spirit. Father Lucifer ~


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