Things I Love Thursday

Doing things for my own peace of mind it can be little things, like giving away things I’m not using to someone who will, or it can be unfollowing/unfriending someone who’s facebook posts are annoying or otherwise upsetting. Little tiny things, which make my life just a little bit better.

Achieving a calm, serene state is super important for my mental health. I’ve noticed I don’t have to work for it when I’m with Anna, which is awesome, but when I am not with her things seem more intense all of a sudden. I have noticed these things help me get there: looking at the movement of the ocean, movement of trees with wind blowing through them, breathing deeply and letting go, reading – it gets me out of my own head and napping. My mind’s nice and clear after wake up.

I got a haircut! And I like it. But my head is way colder now than it was, so I got a new beanie for the days when I don’t want to be a raccoon. (Which I am when I wear my raccoon beanie.)

Trying new crafts. I’ve been painting nerf guns and some motorbike armour for the session of World That Is on the weekend. I’ve also used black paint to make a pair of pants look old and grease covered. None of my work is polished or professional looking, but then my character isn’t either of those things and besides it’s a post-apocalyptic setting. They look good enough for me 🙂

Honourable Mentions: Leftover Easter chocolate, pyjamas, comics, soft fluffy slippers, episodes of The Voice, meeting Anna’s family and it going well, my wonderful workmates, games on my tablet, old favourite songs, snuggles, watching excellent movies and crafting.

Sing ~ My Chemical Romance

Set you free ~ Frightened Rabbit


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