Sunday crafting

Emo sock bunny. I started making this for a work competition and then it because abundantly clear that actually Anna needed an emo sock bunny, so I made another one for work and finished this one when I was laid up in bed sick.


Turns out being laid up in bed sick is a great time to finish half completed crafts because you don’t really need to think about them, just complete the process. On Thursday I finished off a sock T rex for Blair, which came out extra specially cute I think.


Then this weekend I went up to visit my folks and I wanted to keep crafting so I did another wee badge or two and then started this cross stitch pikachu, which went really quick with movie watching and then my monster of the week game today, and look how cute!!!!


He’s so nearly done! Pattern is free off the internet and can be found here.

I also completed a red and grey sock monkey and a little green bunny alien sock thing, so… yay!

I was really horribly sick though, still not worth it. But these guys are the silver lining 🙂 People who are me are very tired now and should go to sleep very soon.


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