Things I Love Thursday

Okay so last week I was pretty sick, and some stupid decisions were made such as drinking lots and lots of disprin. But it made me really appreciate some things. My best friend Sophie for coming to pick me up and drive me to a doctor, even though my brain was fried and I had forgotten that there is a local doctor, pain killers, my new awesome doctor, electric blankets, Netflix, juice and blis tablets. I’m also pleased that I got so much craft done while sick.

On the weekend I went to stay with my folks and that was lovely too. We watched About Time and had good food and mum made chocolate drop pancakes in the morning. NOM!

Looking forward to seeing my Girl tomorrow ❤ So much.

A bit of financial freedom is a beautiful thing. I fiiiinally upgraded my phone and it’s so lovely to have a phone which reliably works and does proper smart phone things. Plus paying off debt, splurging on DVDs and blu rays, a couple of things I’d been needing and not having to worry about my credit card.

Work’s good. New office, new squad and I feel good about both changes. I think my brain suits BAU work a bit better than massive project work… well, at least at the moment while I’m still upskilling.

Honourable Mentions: Broken Arrow on blu ray for $10, dreams of my love, waking up totally warm and comfortable, Wolf Among Us, skype, chippies, getting my teeth cleaned (okay it hurt but I feel good for getting it done), laughter and being healthy!

I woke up with this Eurovision song in my head the other day, it’s all about the message and being upbeat. I love it when they all do the little synchronised dance…

No Prejudice by Pollaponk

But the song I can’t stop listening to at the moment is this one, Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance


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