Sin City (2005)

Sin City
Directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller
(number 283)

By all rights I shouldn’t like this movie. I mean, it’s all testosterone boosted men, violence and because it’s Frank Miller most of the women are whores or prizes… but I can’t help myself.

This movie is freaking awesome.

I love the style of it, the beauty of the black and white, the fact of it being a series of comic books brought to life. The shock of the red of some blood, Dwight’s shoes, the blue of Becky’s eyes. I know that the comic booky nature of it was annoying for some people, but I really enjoy it as a visual style. Plus I’d read the comics not long before it initially came out and I could remember the frames that they faithfully recreated.

It’s all so very, very cool. The guys all have these hearts of gold and the things they do are so damn good – all centred around their love for women. They’re violent actions, but you’re cheering them on because the people they’re killing are such incredible monsters. And it’s for the greater good in this city which is a total shithole.

Elijah Wood’s strange turn as Kevin, a very strange character – a cannibal or a vampire, it doesn’t really matter because the stories aren’t concerned with backstory or explanations. Just about dudes being super bad ass and some women as well. The performances are all amazing; Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis and Devon Aoki and Clive Owens, Alexis Bleidel… there’s so much goodness.

Does it make me love the people? – weirdly enough yeah. The ‘good’ characters are shot so lovingly, so carefully, that you do love them. The things they do are extreme, but they’re put up against terrible villains so it’s all relative eh? Plus there’s some clever little things snuck in there.

Bechdel test: Yeah, some of the girls in old town talk to each other about handcuffs and Goldie. Some of them tell Becky not to call her mom and have a conversation about that. Yay a film that passes! It feels like it’s been a while.

Best line:

Marv: That’s the thing with dames, sometimes all they gotta do is let it out and a few buckets later there’s no way you’d know.

Gail: He’s dead, he’s just too dumb to know it.

State of Mind: Fuck yeah.

also pretty keen to see the sequel

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relevant comic about Frank Miller.


One thought on “Sin City (2005)

  1. I love this movie too! It’s strange as you say – on first glance it’s a horror action flick bordering on gory without reason. But it’s a good movie. And of course, with Alexis, regardless of what she is doing, I’m in. šŸ˜‰

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