Things I Love Thursday

It’s got really cold. I don’t like having cold toes and waking up hiding under the covers because blankets over my head is the only thing keeping me warm. But heaters, heat pumps, warm socks, slippers, hats, scarves and thick jumpers make me warm and I like them. Also we’ve had some very beautiful still clear days and my desk has a lovely view of that at the moment.

Xoxo! So there’s this convention called xoxo and I was sure there’d be no chance I’d get a ticket since it was by random lottery but within the first couple of hours they sent me an offer of a ticket and I was over the moon! My heart started thumping and I couldn’t stay still and holy crow. I’m going to America in September!

More travel! I’m also very excited about my booked trip to the Gold Coast with my darling Anna, we’re staying a week and chilling out and shopping and going to theme parks! It’ll be so much fun. I haven’t been to the Brisbane area in years and years.

Welcome to Night Vale … the last two episodes have broken me a bit, they’re so intense and so good and clever and yeah. I love this show. ALSO one of the creators is going to be at xoxo SQUEEEEEE

Honourable Mentions: Ice cream, small girl tweets, tacos, Arrested Development, playing King of Tokyo (and winning), cake and chocolate. Comfort eating in the cold, it’s a thing.

Woman led team movies which should be made!


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