Things I Love Thursday

jennitalula pandas

Red Pandas. Now, I know I’ve done this encounter before but it wasn’t any less magical the second time! It was rainy and cold but apparently red pandas like that kind of weather, and they knew it was food time and came down in preparation for us. In fact they were climbing all over the log seats and impatiently standing on hind legs while we got ourselves sorted. It was wonderful, made so much more enjoyable because of Anna’s excitement at meeting her favourite animal ever.

Delicious food. It’s wonderful to have someone to share incredible food with. Top pick from this week was dinner at Hummingbird. We shared a fresh bread + smoky butter entree, then I had kedgeree and it was freaking delicious. There’s nothing quite like a perfectly cooked bit of fish and the spiced rice was perfection as well. Although we were full we split the chocolate mousse for dessert and it was divine as well. I think I have a new favourite restaurant.

Midwinter Christmas, especially during the coldest bit of Winter. Lots of shared food, catching up with my family and stuffing myself full. Good times.

Oh look more pandas…


Road tripping even if it was dark and sometimes windy and scary, it was fun driving up to Hastings after work last night because Anna and I sang along at the top of our lungs to loud music and made jokes about place names, listened to the new Night Vale and it was awesome.

Honourable Mentions: Having my beautiful, fun and sweet girl staying with me for more than a week. Made going to work a bit harder, but coming home to her was some kind of wonderful…seeing movies at the cinema, massive spa baths, hotel rooms, shopping sprees at Kmart, watching top 40s on MTV, catching up with Luke and Sam and showing them Anna, good whiskey, sleeping in, snuggles and laughing until you cry a bit. Also going to a wedding tomorrow and that’s pretty exciting!

How great is this video?

Also also the audio book version of Baby Teeth is now available for purchase. I did some recording for this, so if you’d like to hear my dulcet tones reading you should totally go and buy it.


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