Things I Love Thursday

Using Social media for good things = such as = being brave, open and honest about your mental health or using it to broadcast what you’re thankful for. Memes which encourage people to not complain or be judgemental are to be encouraged in my opinions.

Weddings. On the weekend I went to Hastings to watch my friends Jay and Sophie get married. It was a small, simple ceremony and they had Lord of the Rings vows which was super cute and appropriate for the couple. I love these two, they went around Japan with me and it was awesome to share the day with them.

Plus photo booth!

jennitalula photo booth

Travel, driving up to Hastings and back was a bit of an adventure. Anna and I had an awesome shopping spree at the Hastings KMart of all places, we had some excellent food at Mister D in Napier and explored the National Aquarium. he sea turtle came out to say hi to us!

sea turtle jennitalula

Talking about love and long distance with Dagger, we just understand each other.

Honourable Mentions: chocolate cookie dough pretzels from Frozen and Hungry, Sailor Moon manga, hot baths, spa baths in the middle of the motel room, Instax camera, ordering things online, packages in the mail, my fancy phone, PJs (PJs forever) and writing.

I just can’t stop listening to My Chem…

The Sharpest Lives ~ My Chemical Romance


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