Things I Love Thursday

It’s all about attitude

Decluttering! Some serious decluttering happened this week, crappy old furniture went in the skip, massive amounts of recycling are bagged up out the back and I am looking critically at all the junk I’ve accumulated over the years. I sort of wish I didn’t have film festival tickets for this weekend so I could spend it tidying and chucking but ah well…

The International Film Festival. It’s a magical time of year where I go out at night and meet up with certain filmy people, or I go to the movies on my own and watch stuff which may never be available again. I’ve only seen 4 films so far but they’ve all been really really good. I have big hopes for the stuff I’m seeing over the weekend.

New music… I had been floundering a bit, trying to hook into something new (which isn’t My Chemical Romance, because I do love them but they’re not exactly *new*) and then two films in the festival triggered some sweet sounds and I’m hooked on some new stuff. See below.

Honourable Mentions: Anna, making plans to go to America, my Instax camera, belting out songs at karaoke, laughing with friends, excellent food, wonderful friends, new tupperware, my glow in the dark T Rex skeleton of love, shirts, warm feet, writing fiction again, again šŸ˜€

Hero ~ Family of the Year

Jubilee Street ~ Nick Cave and the bad seeds

I am alone now
I am beyond recriminations
Curtains are shut
The furniture has gone
I am transforming
I am vibrating
I’m glowing
I’m flying
Look at me now


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