Things I Love Thursday

SpoonChallenge is a challenge I signed up to for Spoonflower where you do a picture a day. I have done two so far and it’s quick and easy and I like seeing what other people have done.

Excellent film festival movies which surprise me and move me. I’ve seen some really great stuff!

Decluttering is going strong. I’ve donated to the women’s refuge, filled bags of recycling, taken good hard looks at my DVD and book collections and spent time tidying the stuff that’s left behind as well. I’ve given things to people I know will use them which is very satisfying, like free cycling around my friends.

Honourable Mentions: Hot baths, roleplaying games which are awesome, reading Anna stories, hot blackcurrant, tacos, spending time with my awesome friends, sleep and burgers.

I challenge you to watch this and not be smiling by the end…

This modern Les Mis looks amazing and I want to see it and also star in it somehow


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