Things I Love Thursday

Most successful handmade Christmas presents ever – merit badges! I was really pleased with how these things came out before Christmas, they didn’t take too long and it was fun coming up with designs, but the best thing about these badges is that the people I’ve given them to are using them and wearing them. Example…

Looking forward to travel! Next month I have a two week trip to America (L.A, Portland and San Fran) and then I’m back for a week and then a week in the Gold Coast and I’m a bit nervous and a bit excited. I had an interesting serene dream about travelling and seeing whales and generally I feel good about my upcoming adventures.

Aaaand flying up to Auckland tomorrow to see Anna! Yay :3

The Film Festival was a really good one for me this year. I was a little afraid of seeing this one film. The Babadook and it indeed was very scary but it was so incredibly well made and interesting I really rate it. I’ve been telling people to see it all week.

Honourable mention: Ice creams, new music from movie soundtracks, decluttering, crafting, a new giant TV screen, comics, my fancy phone, catching up with old friends, taking people to movies and new Monster High dolls.

1936 army boys on LSD

A very cool flashmob of the circle of life


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