Things I Love Thursday

It’s all sleety haily rain outside and bitterly cold so I am first and foremost thankful to have a house which has a heatpump and a bath and an electric blanket and my Totoro onesie. My Dr Who bathrobe is also deliciously warm and snuggly.

My beautiful, funny, lovely and clever Anna. There’s other adjectives that I want to use but I know she gets embarrassed when I blog about her so I am trying to be restrained. We went a month without seeing each other and then we spent just one weekend together and it was not enough. Although it was a lovely weekend and I get to see her again tomorrow, so that’s good.

Peter Alexander’s outlet shop in Onehunga Dress Smart – I got the softest, warmest hand sweaters ever there. Okay they’re technically mittens but, they’re the hand sweater-iest things I’ve ever owned. Plus y’know, I probably own enough PJs now to go for a month and have a new pair each day. THIS IS LIVING!

Honourable Mentions: Texting, getting movies off my list blogged, sewing, cross stitch, weird dreams, decluttering, donating to charity, taking photos aaaaaand hot toasted sandwiches.

God help the Girl ~ I’ll have to dance with Cassie
this is an excellent cheery 60s inspired dancing song


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