Things I Love Thursday

I am feeling somewhat fever drunk…. sometimes I get high when I have a fever and I think that is happening now. I figured this is as good a time as any to make one of these lists. If it stops making sense, well, this is your disclaimer for why.

Modern Medicine . I went and saw my doctor on Tuesday morning and although he advised that this was most likely a viral infection and that the best treatment was sleep he also gave me some other advice (cough syrups don’t work?) and new asthma meds to stop my chest getting too bad with it. And panadol keeps my fever down and allows me to rest so I love that too. Plus vicks vaporub 😀

My brain. Okay so I knew I wasn’t well enough for work this morning so after letting them know, I went back to sleep and I went super deep and was woken up by a text from my lady. The good news is that waking up suddenly meant I had full recall of the fairy tale LARP I had just been dreaming, so I made some notes and I have the makings of a new LARP and it’s not even a dark scary one like the last few I’ve dreamed.

My lovely darling girl because she is happy to be a dork with me and dress up to go to see the new Dr Who at the cinema, and she loves food the same way I do and she is not afraid to call me a dick when I’m being one and she’s beautiful and I love her.

Impending travel omg it’s super close. It’s almost near enough that I can start refining my ‘to pack’ list, which is stupidly exciting to me. America! Summer! OMG! and I got my tickets so it’s really truly happening. I’m a bit terrified of being in San Fran for a few days on my own, but I think it will actually be awesome sauce.

Honourable Mentions: Peter Alexander pjs: warm and absorbent of gross fever sweats, people who offer to fix your computer, flatmates who cook dinner and clean, electric blankets, texts from lovely people, having an endless supply of notebooks so when you fumble blindly for one you can find one, apple juice and foot and hand massages.

Is that enough now? I think it’s enough.


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