Things I Love Thursday

Getting stuff done, such as sewing things and publishing games. On the weekend I published Spooky Four Things on the weekend for pay what you want, and at the time of writing this blog post 33 people have purchased it! Most of them got it free but I stand to make a total of .81 American cents! Haha its not about the money though, it’s about all these awesome 33 people who bought my game. Very exciting.

Birthday! I got presents, people said nice things to me, I got attack hugged in the workplace kitchen, I had an excellent lunch with some awesome people and an excellent dinner with a different group of awesome people and my girl organised a barbershop quartet happy birthday serenade down the phone. Lovely!

Books > I have a bit of a book addiction, I’m not going to sugar coat that. But on my birthday I dreamed about the Little Golden Book Library books that we had when I was a kid and I really missed them when I woke up. So I went on the amazing Trade Me and found three out of four of them. They arrived today, and I just read my way through the Bedtime stories one 🙂 So cute!

My girl, because we can be open about feeling crap, and we can tell each other anything and we share cool stuff like books and food and I can skype her and she’s totallllly adorable.

jennitalula log flume

Honourable Mentions: Chucking things out or donating them to people who will use them, facilitating Fiasco, trailers for awesome movies, getting close to the 100 movies blogged mark on my 500 movies list, pretty Monster High dolls and the Flight of the Blueberry cocktails at Hummingbird. Actually all the food at Hummingbird. It’s my favourite restaurant.

Gerard Way’s new song Millions


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