Things I Love Thursday

Spring! Pretty blossoms and splashes of colour beside the road all over the place. And on the weekend I’m going to Auckland where it will be that times 100 because for whatever reason Auckland is covered in Magnolia trees.


Birthday parties where I can use my hipster instax and weird Chinese film for hilarious effects. Seriously, you gotta love it. Also birthday parties people travel from other places for and some of them bring ice cream and pass the parcel for everyone to play and generally it was a success of a birthday party I have to say.

Road rage isn’t really something to celebrate, but I’ve been a bit on the grumpy side lately and that makes my commute and the encounters with all the geniuses who drive and cycle through Wellington that much more aggravating. BUT I have a new technique, which is when someone does something that pisses me off, I will complain about it like always and then I’ll do something nice for another motorist – usually slow down to let someone in from a side street or a driveway. So, doing good deeds or sort of paying bad behaviour forward as good?


Drexel’s now offers a bottomless milo. This changes everything. Or at least it means there’s a place I can go and get a bottomless hot drink as I don’t drink coffee.

Dinosaurs! Anna and I checked out the Tyrannasaurs exhibition at Te Papa on the weekend, and it’s very good! I made some kaiju friends.



I’m reading Wodehouse for the first time and it’s so much fun! I’m reading ‘Right ho, Jeeves’ which is one I’m familiar with from the old Jeeves and Wooster tv show, and it’s still incredibly funny and absolving.

Little Golden Books: My birthday present to myself was a set of ‘Golden book treasuries’ which we had when I was a kid (and may still be around, I have no idea) anyway, reading them again brought nostalgia to mind and also made me think that there’s some things to be said about the stories. I have constructed a template for Little Golden Book reviews, I hope you’re all excited 😉

this is so much better than it appears it should be…actual cannibal Shia LeBeouf

Honourable Mentions: pretty frozen bubbles, getting housework done, listening to an awesome song over and over again because it’s awesome, French films, snuggles, Monster Buster, workmates who bring me food or chocolate or hot chocolate, the Tim Minchin Jesus Christ Superstar, crafting, getting Christmas crafts and gifts sorted early, Monster High dolls, hot fudge sauce and ice cream and hot baths.

what a catch, Donnie ~ Fall Out Boy

Every Other Freckle ~ Alt-J


One thought on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Good news, Golden Books ARE still around. We have loads of them, and they are just as cool as they were 30 years ago! Look forward to hearing your review of any and all of them!

    And yes, Shia LeBeouf – excellent. Literally, un-believably excellent!

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