500 movie project one year mark

One year ago today I published a blog post stating my intention to take a 500 movies project and watch the entire Empire Australia top 500 greatest movies of all time list and blog about them.

At the one year mark I feel like I’ve done well. Numbers wise I am at: 79 watched, blogged and published. In my head I planned to watch 100 this year so that doesn’t sound too good compared to the goal 100 but then I also have 18 movies watched and blogged, but the posts are saved in drafts. I haven’t published these as they’re from quite high in the list such as in the top 100 and I want to sort of publish them in a semblance of order. Which puts me at 97 which is pretty good in my books!

I’ve not been keeping a tally but I think the number of these -almost 100 – films that I’ve watched so far that actually pass the Bechdel test is around 20/97 which… isn’t very good but maybe isn’t really a surprise.

I’ve also been keeping an eye out for homosexual characters and I’ve had a handful of them crop up, sometimes in quite good roles even.

The biggest surprise for me so far was enjoying the movie Saw which I really didn’t believe I would. I was dreading watching it but I legitimately enjoyed it and thought it was excellently made, the more I reflect on it the more I can appreciate it.

One of my biggest disappointments was watching Kick-Ass again and really not enjoying it. Too much sexism and stupid violcence… it just seemed so very shallow, which was a bit sad as I’d loved it previously.

Other movies I recommend from what I’ve watched (and hadn’t seen before) are: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Impossible, Halloween, Hellzapoppin and Beasts of the Southern Wild (blog post on that one coming soon.)

Movies I watched which I hadn’t seen and cannot recommend: Stoker, Wake in Fright, Flesh, Enigma of Kasper Hauser, Superbad and The Deer Hunter. Oh man, the Deer Hunter. Wayyyy too painful to watch.

In terms of most read reviews it seems that people are much more likely to read a review of a movie they have already seen and enjoyed. Well loved films like Gremlins, Lion King and Who Framed Roger Rabbit are likely to get a lot of hits on the day and the day after I publish the review but the weirder art house films don’t get the same hits.

Comments are always appreciated on my movie review posts. I think I’ve picked up some new followers because of this project so please do make yourself known if you have an opinion on the movie or the review.


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