Things I Love Thursday

I have had a stressful few weeks, and to be honest I’m a little disappointed in my own ability to cope when things aren’t easy to sort out or don’t happen just exactly when I want them to. I guess it means I have some stuff still to work on, which, well, isn’t a surprise. Anyway it means I have to work a little harder to think of things I’m grateful for and it means that the things I’m really thankful for I am really, really thankful for.

❤ Wonderful friends who drive me places when I need to be driven places (you need a car to buy a car <.<)

❤ Car yards who give me a free loaner car until my car is ready to go.

❤ Opportunities where I thought there weren't any.

This picture wrinkled my brain until I had it explained to me...

I've got this mad urge to watch Ice Princess again…

❤ Suraya is blogging every single unsolicited thing which is said to her, which I think is brave and wondrous, not easy reading but great.

❤ Fantastic Party King Thranduil cosplay

❤ Being able to accept a road trip to Auckland with just a couple of days to go

Honourable Mentions: My lovely girl, crafting, sleep, crazy dreams on nyquil, Jeeves and Wooster, music, great books, tacos (Blair makes awesome tacos – pass it on!), baking tasty treats, sunshine, ice cream and making awesome Lego sets up.

Kitten therapy:

Phillip Phillips with Alive Again


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

    • ah the ballet! I loved the ballet! How did I forget that? It was a wonderful ballet 🙂

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