Things I Love Thursday

Holy crow my brain is scrambled. I have been thinking about packing, and packing, and worrying, and organising and worrying about packing and … well, I am really glad that the movers have now been and taken most of my stuff away. Now I just have to donate/sort the last of my stuff and actually move!

Only one more day at work, and it’s a day of mostly meetings and then a big Christmas party, so it should be a good day.

Then it’s one month off to move and settle and enjoy summer and Christmas and I’m super psyched about that.

I’m sad about leaving work and my friends, but I know I’ll see them again and we had awesome gelato in the awesome sun on Tuesday 🙂

trademepeeps Jennitalula

Honourable Mentions: delicious tacos, awesome secret Santa gifts, chocolate, my real pine Christmas tree, rewatching Scrubs, skype with my girl, new music and truly awesome roleplaying.

Also I really really love my new car.

Night Air ~ Jamie Woon

Things I Love Thursday

three trolleys full

Donations from work got close to $1k so today Cat and I went to Pak’n’Save and spent up large. Three huge trolleys of stuff to give to the Wellington City Mission. When we told the staff what it was all going to they donated a whole lot of toys and magazine extra giveaways that they had to the cause!

christmas donations

I’ve been decluttering some more as well, and I donated three bags of books and toys to the Women’s Refuge collection. Here’s what I love about taking things I like but am not really using and giving them away: I can imagine such great things. Instead of the worst case scenario stuff I usually imagine, I can think ‘yeah, that pink elephant is gonna go to a little kid, and the kid will love it and maybe it will become one of their best toys….’ etc. And that’s super awesome. Plus knowing that you’re doing something for people truly in need, it warms the soul.

bleep bloop

This collection of my jams from this year is really satisfying to me. I like that it shows how many other people have shared the same song and I also feel a little hipster thrill for the things I’m ‘first’ for sharing.

MY NEW CAR oh man I’m a bit in love. I’ve never had such a new car which is just all mine before and… *sigh* so blue. So shiny. So good.

On the weekend I took Anna to the ballet, which I had already seen in Wellington but it was so so good to see it again, and it was awesome to get dressed up and take Anna out, she’d never been to the ballet before so that was neat. And then afterwards we went to dinner at Tanuki’s Cave and the food was so so good.

Christmas miracles – okay they’re mostly marketing stunts, but I just love these videos…

Last year’s one from the same company:

Honourable Mentions: fresh pine Christmas tree, Christmas lunch at work, Christmas present wrapping, crafting, lunch with awesome people, awesome roleplaying, soft clean sheets, lots of laundry and snuggles.

Okay so it’s everywhere, but… I finally actually listened to this song and I freaking love it! Taylor Swift addressing all the stupid rumours about herself, trying and failing to do various forms of dance and singing a song about letting go of the hate and just enjoying yourself. (It does suck that the black twerking women in this video almost never have faces though D:)

Santa Sangre (1989)

Santa Sangre
Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky
Written by
(number 476)

Trigger warning for rape, violence and animal death.

Religion, mental illness, pain and suffering …. I spent a fair whack of this movie saying “what’s going on?” and “I don’t understand”

The story is framed with Fenix in a mental hospital, with the story of his childhood told in flashbacks. As it happens, his childhood in a circus wasn’t particularly cheerful and in fact some very upsetting things happen.. such as his religious fanatic mother nearly being run over by bulldozer, his father cutting off his mother’s arms… all sorts of intense stuff. Sorry, mother screaming, attacking father sleeping with another woman and cutting off his genitals, and then he cuts of her arms and goes out to die and dogs start eating him right away.


Fenix … he manages to fall in love with deaf mute Alma, who is being trained to walk the tight rope by her abusive mother. She ends up helping him with his magic show but is taken away by her tattooed mother and doesn’t see her again until they are adults.

He sees weird ass things happen and he recreates them as an adult – with violence and a twisted possession from his mother.. Like she has a strange hold on him, made stranger by his agreeing to be her arms for a stage show. Concha and ‘her magic hands’ is a study in creepy mother relationships that Norman Bates would approve of.

Are we supposed to feel that his mother Concha is the ultimate in evil? Or is it just one of many things which happen to him to twist his mind? His father was very messed up too after all, and no one in the mental hospital seems concerned with abusing him.

Around the time he turned the girl he’d killed into a swan by painting her white, Wayne and Blair pointed out that it’s basically the director playing with himself, and trying as hard as possible to be shocking. Mike and Steve pointed out on twitter that it’s a psychedelic thriller, and once I combined those two things I understood a bit more about the film.

You can easily see how this film inspired things like Antichrist and Black Swan, strange hyper real movies about the destruction of the human mind.

Does it make me love the people?

Bechdel test: No, we have Concha and Alma, but the other women are named by their purpose in the movie (fat prostitute, tatooed woman). Alma is a deaf mute so she isn’t involved in any conversations, and although Concha talks a lot it’s not generally to other named women. Tough.

Best lines:

Possibly the best subtitle I’ve ever seen “Wig makes honking sound”

Concha: You can’t atone for your sins with nightmares

State of Mind: What the ACTUAL FUCK just happened I don’t understand, that was stressful and I didn’t enjoy it. I guess it had eloquent metaphors, but it also had sledgehammer to the face metaphors, and it was weird and disconcerting. I didn’t care for it.

Watched movie count

Things I Love Thursday

Christmas is coming! Craft and trees and pretty things! I have shopped and sewn and had genius ideas and am looking forward to a marathon session of giftwrapping and using the gift bags I’ve made. Plus, Christmas movies and candy and looking forward to getting a real pine Christmas tree! (Was going to collect it tonight but it’s very very rainy out.)

jennitalula christmas tree

New car on Monday! I’m very excited to get my new car 🙂

A new job and a month off over Christmas! I signed on for a role in the Trade Me Auckland office, but I have a whole month off to move and settle and relax in. I’m really looking forward to the break!

SMBC hitting the truth in the balls once more.

Last trick o’treaters okay, so it’s really disturbing and creepy but I love the depth of story in these things. I love these tiny horror stories.

Introspection and personal revelations – it’s triggered by the smallest things, but it’s good and important to sometimes rethink the way you think and behave.

I’ve had some super awesome Roleplaying this week: Buffy game on Sunday, The One Ring on Monday and Monsterhearts on Tuesday. I love having so much great gaming!

Serious request from me to you… sponsor a kid! It’s just $15 a month to sponsor a New Zealand kid in need. Bear in mind that John Key is doing everything he can to not provide support for kids in need so we may well need to step up.

Honourable Mentions: warm sweaters, going to sleep to the sound of rain, milkshakes, getting packing done, new music, Christmas stickers, cake and delicious tacos.

Fire Escape ~ Foster the People