Things I Love Thursday

Christmas is coming! Craft and trees and pretty things! I have shopped and sewn and had genius ideas and am looking forward to a marathon session of giftwrapping and using the gift bags I’ve made. Plus, Christmas movies and candy and looking forward to getting a real pine Christmas tree! (Was going to collect it tonight but it’s very very rainy out.)

jennitalula christmas tree

New car on Monday! I’m very excited to get my new car 🙂

A new job and a month off over Christmas! I signed on for a role in the Trade Me Auckland office, but I have a whole month off to move and settle and relax in. I’m really looking forward to the break!

SMBC hitting the truth in the balls once more.

Last trick o’treaters okay, so it’s really disturbing and creepy but I love the depth of story in these things. I love these tiny horror stories.

Introspection and personal revelations – it’s triggered by the smallest things, but it’s good and important to sometimes rethink the way you think and behave.

I’ve had some super awesome Roleplaying this week: Buffy game on Sunday, The One Ring on Monday and Monsterhearts on Tuesday. I love having so much great gaming!

Serious request from me to you… sponsor a kid! It’s just $15 a month to sponsor a New Zealand kid in need. Bear in mind that John Key is doing everything he can to not provide support for kids in need so we may well need to step up.

Honourable Mentions: warm sweaters, going to sleep to the sound of rain, milkshakes, getting packing done, new music, Christmas stickers, cake and delicious tacos.

Fire Escape ~ Foster the People


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