Things I Love Thursday

Whoops, been a while since I managed one of these, life has been very hectic what with the whole moving cities thing. However today I have remembered that it is Thursday and I am gonna do this again, I hope you didn’t miss me too much.

I like lots of things about Auckland: It’s warm all the time and I can wear short shorts and tank tops and washing dries on the line within a couple of hours.

I like lots of things about being on holiday: sleeping, watching TV and movies, spending all my time with my girl, doing silly fun things like shopping, visiting Rainbow’s End, visiting people, going to comic shops, reading comics, taking naps. I can’t remember the last time I had more than two weeks off together and it’s so freaking good. Also our three day road trip up the country was awesome fun.

I love lots of things about living with Anna: snuggles, I get to see her all the time, cooking for her and having her cook for me, sharing movies with her and watching movies she likes, just getting used to being with her constantly and it’s awesome.

Rainbow’s End! I found the T Rex!


Honourable Mentions: sorting books into alphabetical order, eating candy and ice creams, fresh line dried sheets, chocolate milk, Nightwing comics, making awesome burger patties from scratch, Big Hero 6 and instax photos


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