Top Gun (1986)

Top Gun
Directed by Tony Scott
Written by Jim Cash and Jack Epps Jr based on a magazine article by Ehud Yonay
(number 453)

How many times has Michael Bay seen this film do you think? Will looked up Tony Scott and found out he was Ridley Scott’s brother and looking at how many movies he directed in late 80s/early 90s I wonder why his name

I know I’ve seen this movie before. I know that it played a lot when I was growing up, my sister or brother would hire it from the video shop, but it never really kept my attention when I was a kid. I’m sure I watched it in a movie night a few years ago too but watching it again now I’m reminded that actually the movie I watched the most was Hot Shotz, which is by far the funnier movie.

But I’m not reviewing Hot Shotz, I’m reviewing Top Gun, which is the most homo erotic movie about fighter pilots one could imagine without having a single gay kiss. All these muscled, sweaty men with gigantic fighting machines, arguing over who is the top and giving each other smouldering looks, playing beach volleyball, touching each other after communal shower. It’s alllll there. I enjoy this article.

Does it make me love the people? Eh. It’s kind of hard to care… I’m not great at action movies any more and there’s too many fight sequences for me to pay full attention. But sure, they kill off Goose to jerk the tears and make Maverick rethink his attitude and you do root for him.

Bechdel test: There’s Charlie – the love interest for Tom Cruise and Carole, played by Meg Ryan and love interest for Goose…they are in a scene together but they talk about Maverick 😦 To be fair, just about all the conversations in the movie are about Maverick so I guess they were just trying to fit in but still.

Best line:
Air Boss Johnson: DAMN! That’s TWICE! I WANT SOME BUTTS!

Carole: Take me to bed or lose me forever!

State of Mind: Yeah. I think this movie was way more impressive in the 80s. But watching it with Anna and Will we mostly enjoyed it for the gay jokes and silliness. Plus I made some pretty great nachos so I was sorta riding the enjoyment of those during the film. Ref this facebook thread.

Will informs me that this movie revolutionised the way air battles are filmed, so… that’s good. That’s a good thing.

Watched movie count

Excellent theme songs, this movie has. Starting with…


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