Things I Love Thursday

Really enjoying the warmth in Auckland still!

Kapcon was last weekend and it was really pretty great! It was Anna’s first one and she helped out with my new experimental LARP (Quiet day in the library, which went really well I think) and she played in her frst big LARP and generally had fun so that’s all good!

I got to play in two tabletop games: Sparks Nevada and Monsterhearts. Both games were a lot of fun and I’d like to play both of them again soon… I am in the process of setting up regular gaming for myself at the moment.

Comics I’ve been reading Nightwing, Gotham Academy and L’il Gotham and I got word from the comic shop that new Lumberjanes has come in for me so I’ll go grab those on the weekend. Yay comics!

Wellington, although it felt very strange to come back as a visitor to Wellington, it was nice to see it again and we had a nice walk on the waterfront. Going back for a night this weekend too for a family birthday party.

Honourable Mentions: Panda slippers, movies, popcorn, burgers, cuddles and kisses, being happy about coming home because it means that I get to see Anna and don’t have to worry about when I’m gonna see her again, pillow pets, chocolate, short shorts, fun t shirts, making tasty dinners, sunshine.


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