Things I Love Thursday

I’m loving Auckland! It’s warm and I get snuggles.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Pretty tree and sky in Victoria Park which is right by my work and very pretty.

The Four Childhood Crushes tag on twitter, so many memories. So many crushworthy cartoons.


Lewis Road Creamery chocolate milk. I seem to have a regular and reliable source of this now and at first I was worried that if I had it more regularly I wouldn’t enjoy it as much but I absolutely do. It’s amazing.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I was missing having access to fresh herbs so on Sunday we went to a garden centre and I stocked up. I only just managed to repot the wee guys and now I have a mini potted herb garden. They all got well watered in the last couple of days with the rain, and they’ll get heaps of sun there too, plus! I get herbs for cooking with.

I’ve actually really been enjoying cooking, especially since I found a little local grocer whose fruit and vege are way nicer than what we’ve been getting at the supermarket. I’ve even been making packed lunches for me and Anna which has been super awesome, although I’m not sure how long my motivation will hold out!

Honourable Mentions Domino’s pizza tracker, Katamari Forever and getting Anna to love it as well, Mr Whippy and her penchant for stopping outside my work, comfy clothing and finishing Ben Hur.

Fall Out By song for Big Hero 6


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