Things I Love Thursday

Last year I bought myself an instax camera and loved it to bits. Then, before I left Wellington, I bought a ton of film for it on Ali Express… mindfully, I had it on hand when I had people over for my birthday and for pre-Christmas stuff and took photos of as many of my dear Wellington friends as I could. Then, in the few days I was staying with my folks after moving from Newlands I stuck them all in a notebook with all the photo booth images I’ve also saved over the years.

A couple of times since I’ve moved I’ve felt lonely, thinking of the people I left behind. It’s a good thing to do, I’ve found.

OTACHI - WIN_20150210_210024

The notebook is a recycled/upcycled School Journal… and inside there are old pages of school journal and this is how it looks on the plain pages where it’s just photos.

OTACHI - WIN_20150210_205936

It’s a very reassuring book to look through.

Friends! Having spent much of my first few weeks home based, these last couple of weeks I’ve made an effort to catch up with friends, started a new roleplaying group and generally felt like I’m a bit better socialised. New friends and old, it’s a good thing 🙂

Japanese mecha a reality!

…also I love that video because it was filmed at Miraikan which I remember really loving when we visited it in 2012. I’ve been really missing Japan, I’m so hyped to go back but I’m not sure when I’ll actually manage it.

Plans and directions for my writing and my various projects on the go or stalled. It feels so good to have a road map. Now I have to focus on making time and motivating myself to actually follow the road map.

Lewis Road Creamery chocolate milk. It’s best.

Honourable Mentions: Four ‘new’ Spice Girls tracks!, realising that what you really want is to listen to Under the Pink by Tori Amos and then listening to it, finishing up the dishes, getting to sleep early/sleeping late in the morning, strawberry milk, finishing good books and comics.

Pretty Belle and Sebastian track…

Beck ~ Unforgiven
I went to listen to his album after it won the grammy and it’s really really good !


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