Things I Love Thursday

Via some genius I follow on twitter I found this collection of tweets imagining the Harry Potter characters as modern 20-30 somethings. It’s harsh and painful and brilliant an I adore it. #MDHP, give it a read.

Book Riot is just a really great website and I am not sure why I didn’t know about it already, lots of interesting looking articles about books and reading.

My cellphone food pictures collection is steadily growing and I find that it’s very fun for me to look through and enjoy the memories of great food I’ve had. It’s also great getting a great meal and going ‘I have to photograph this for my tag’! Haha I’m a total dork.

Milse, Tanuki’s + the Abbey , speaking of great food. Milse, Tanuki’s and the Abbey are officially my favourite Auckland restaurants. Please see below for our handmade bombe on a stick (two flavours of gelato in a white chocolate case and covered in soft meringue- to die for, plus blueberry tart thingie and handmade chocolate.

jennitalula milse

Powerade – there are so so many bad things about having a stomach bug, such as pain, frequent bathroom stops, feeling like whining is a valid life choice and figuring you might as well start marathoning Friends on netflix… but being brought cold green powerade by your love or the supermarket delivery people isn’t one of the bad things. Powerade is like nectar of the gods when you’re ill and dehydrated, it’s sweet so your messed up taste buds won’t make it bitter and gross and your body needs the salts and the liquid so it’s win win.

My Anna took good care of me this week when I was sick and I adore her.

Honourable Mentions: Grooveshark playing my station, fresh fruit and vege from my local grocer, Katamari Forever, friends, facebook stickers, sunshine and steak.

I feel I’m a bit late to ‘Take me to Church’ by Hozier but good lord it’s a fantastic song


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