Things I Love Thursday

I have a goal this year to publish as many of my things as I can. With this in mind, I finished the running notes for my Quiet Day in the Library LARP, recruited Will for a title image and published it for sale on RPGNow for US$10. You should totally go buy it, or share it with your LARP loving friends. Today I went on a team building excursion to Waiheke Island and I tried ziplining for the first time and it was super awesome amazing fun! Sailing through the air over the treetops is pretty intense but very magical. Plus it was a fantastically sunny day and I went swimming in the ocean! Swimming in the ocean is the best swimming. Lady Gaga performing a medley of songs from Sound of Music at the Oscars. I didn’t cry when Julie Andrews hugs her at the end, you did! Honourable Mentions: The food at Oyster Inn, getting spare room closer to sorted out, people enjoying the Monsterhearts game I’m running, weird dreams, making connections with new people, discovering great new breakfast spots, excellent books, publishing things and sleep! Blackbird Chain ~ Beck


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