Things I Love Thursday

As a lover of the film Boyhood, I was quite pleased to find that Ethan Hawke had actually compiled the ‘black album’ featuring the Beatles solo work but mixed in with each other. The list ishere so you can try and assemble it yourself.

Lions who know what’s what in the car tour section…

Beach! Summer! Sea! Swimming! Friends are neat and it’s especially neat to go to the beach on a hot summer’s day with them. Plus the water at the beach is so warm up here! Blisssss. Must try and do it again more before summer stops being so warm.



Look maybe it’s a bit on the silly gooey coupley side, but I have been making Anna packed lunches to take to school and I’m really enjoying packing them and knowing she’s getting a good lunch. I especially like how appealing they look some days… (also I am maybe slightly obsessed with lunch boxes)

jennitalula packed lunch

Exciting weekend planned which I’m counting starting right now because tonight I’m going to Skin of Fire, then tomorrow at work we get a treat movie for being a good squad, then I have dinner with friends old and new and on Saturday we’re going to Walking with Dinosaurs!!! DINOSAURS! EEeee I can’t wait. I’m a little sad to not be going to Buckets of Sand, which I always love, but I think I have enough fun stuff to not worry about it too much on the day.

Honourable Mentions: Anna, cuddles with Anna, laughing til I cry, reading aloud, people coming to me for advice, delicious takeaways, crossing movies off my 500 list, pretty music, fancy pens, considerate drivers in rush hour, new mix CDs, movies which pass the Bechdel, sorting stuff out in the house, the thought of my new kindle winging its way towards me, publishing games and sending love out into the world.

Nostalgia track, which I knew really well thanks to my parents playing it in the car when I was a kid, rediscovered via the ‘black album’ – My Sweet Lord by George Harrison


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