Things I Love Thursday

What if there was infinite time in the day to do whatever you wanted? Like, probably you’re just gonna nap and blob out right? But what if there was infinite time and infinite motivation and energy? How wonderful would it be? I dream.

Team building – watching The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and eating Japanese snacks, playing board games, having lunches and laughing with workmates, it’s an awesome thing.

Skin of Fire last week was incredible, then on Saturday Anna and I went to see Walking with Dinosaurs, which I have seen once before but I was pleasantly surprised with how little I had remembered and then that they’d updated the dino designs to include feathers and fur. It was awesome. Plus I got candy floss as big as my head and a brachiosaurus 🙂


I had a two Mr Whippy day. Started with this guy and then I had a single flake choc dip after dinner …


Honourable Mentions: Rewatching Glee, takeaways, my car, movies, naps, making Anna smile, new books, re-reading Asterix, exciting new creative projects and wonderful friends.

two of my fave songs mashed together in an intense aural bomb blast of awesome:


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