Things I Love Thursday

This is so happy making!!!

Beginner’s Guide to Meditation. It’s really seriously long, but Tim is about as down to Earth and cynical as they come and his writing is magnetic. Mostly linking here so I’ll have it to refer back to because I’d love to understand meditation more than I do.

Catching up with friends. Even if all we do is watch a movie or whatever, time with friends is important for my little extrovert heart.

Selfies with elephants…


Exploring the Auckland zoo! I hadn’t been for a few years and it was a lovely hot sunny. I promise you this baby giraffe didn’t look so pissed off in real life, but the picture is so hilarious I had to share it all the same. Hippos! Rhino! Rando birds! Flamingos!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Gigs in Auckland aggregator my dev gave me and it’s pretty great and I loved the

Honourable Mentions: camero cremes, packing lunches for my Anna, snuggles, reading Jacqueline Wilson books, Dick Grayson comics, kaiju, soft new pjs, looking forward to going back to Wellington over Easter, Easter chocolate, the sound of rain on my umbrella, kisses and a clean house.

Okay so this is song is everywhere and it’s because it’s really good and a great song, Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson:


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