Things I Love Thursday

It’s really hard for me to focus on normal things when I have toothache, so I know I’ve been crankier than normal this week but I still have things to be thankful for.

Like this ridiculously cheerful song we had on a James Galway record when I was a kid…

Netflix being in New Zealand is so super awesome because I can stream stuff directly in my TV now. It’s annoying that the range of media isn’t the same as the American version of Netflix but it’s still full of some great stuff. Anna and I have been enjoying Sword Art Online 🙂

The most beautiful sentences in English literature is rather a nice list.

My mum had no projects to do and I had too many so she’s made me a flannellette quilt and it arrived this week. It’s so snuggly and warm, just in time for the colder weather coming on. I love my mum!

Honourable Mentions: cuddles from Anna, happy news from friends, panadeine, crafting, Monster High, seeing movies out at the cinema, lots of cinema snacks, music and laughing.

The gorgeously ridiculous cast of Welcome to Night Vale bringing some queer to Mississippi


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