Things I Love Thursday

I don’t love the lack of watching 500 movies/blogging reviews I’ve been doing lately, but plans are to improve my watching this weekend while Anna is busy with singing convention stuff… And the craft I’ve been doing is a bit secret so I can’t blog those…. but hey, positivity!

Hamilton gardens! Anna and I took a road trip to Hamilton for a goodbye party and stayed the night at a nice wee motor inn, it was sunny weather on Sunday so we took a wander through the gardens before leaving. They’re just so pretty and I especially loved the Indian and English Tudor gardens, which I hadn’t seen before.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
It’s hard to tell but there are a lot of happy bees in this picture.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

The chess board esque tudor gardens has neat little mythic animals on poles guarding it. Loved them.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Turtle dragon dude in the Chinese scholar’s garden, which is another favourite of mine. It’s just so lovely and Anna was particularly taken with the names of the different garden sections.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Italian Rennaissance garden is just so freaking lovely looking.

My car! It’s just a pleasure to drive short or long distances. It looks great, shiny and blue, the air con and the heaters work like a dream. It’s a beautiful car and I adore it.

My Dentist is cheaper than I am used to having to pay, and she’s so freaking good. She’s not just funny and informative when it comes to what she’s doing, she works delicately with a minimum of pain inducing stuff and she’s done quick. I’m so happy, she’s fixed up my face and I’m no longer in pain.

❤ postcards from friends, or rather a series of postcards from one friend 🙂

Betty and Veronica!

Honourable Mentions: warm raccoon hat, soft fluffy hair on the back of my head, my players enjoying the Monsterhearts game I’m running, Cake Wrecks, My Chemical Romance loud in the car and Lindt chocolate


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