Dumb & Dumber (1994)

Dumb & Dumber
Directed by Peter and Bobby Farrelly
Written by Peter and Bobby Farrelly and Bennett Yellin
(number 445)

Disclaimer: In order to watch this movie, which I put off doing for a long time, I drank a big bottle of mandarin and lime cider so if my typing goes to crap that’s why.

I know I saw this movie when it first came out on video, so I would have been 14 or 15, and I remember not thinking much of it at the time. I am pretty unsure on why this movie is on the top 500 movies of all time list but I guess it’s two things: The Farrellys are kind of beloved, for some reason, and it was one of Jim Carrey’s earliest roles which probably boosted it up too? I guess.

Early on there’s a budgie killing which is kind of upsetting. I mean, yeah it’s meant to show that the bad guy is really bad but still… unnecessary animal cruelty is something I’m more aware of because it upsets Anna so much. Not that Anna watched this with me, but I’m now open to noticing it I guess. Plus then they call it a parakeet which upset me unreasonably. Then they sell it to a blind kid who is somehow unable to tell that a cold stiff bird isn’t alive?

I dunno, maybe I’m being too harsh but this whole script just feels too silly and really lazy. I wonder… they’re making a new one now, right? I wonder if the script for the new one will be more of the same or if they’ll try and make it a bit more interesting.

Yeah this movie definitely happened before 9/11, the airport security is very lax…Lloyd is able to run through into the passenger only section carrying a brief case. If they tried that these days he’d get shot.

Most of the demonstration of their dumbness so far is either being childishly trusting/open with emotions, or just ignorant. I’m not sure exactly why this bothers me.. except it maybe has to do with how I watched this Ted talk today about being wrong and how we treat it, feel about it.

drinking jennitalula

Oh yay, Lloyd calls the other one …. Harry a homo and then describes how he’d have sex with him and how great Harry would find it. And Harry just kind of laughs and then is like ‘no I’m not gay’ and so Lloyd calls him a woman and given that this whole conversation happens while they’re naked in a hot tub together it seems like they should probably just be queer so they have to immediately have a conversation where it’s revealed that Lloyd slept with Harry’s girlfriend so there can be no confusion that of course they are straight boys. Disappoint.

It’s kind of amusing how the bad guy sneaks into travelling with them and then just finds them really repellent and annoying. Like, they know how awful these characters are and they are explicit about it in the film. It’s one of these films where I just don’t understand why it was made… this movie doesn’t improve the world in any way, it’s just rubbish on film. Rubbish characters saying rubbish things and it’s meant to be funny.


I have real issues with the whole Sea Bass attempts to rape Lloyd sequence. It plays into the trope of gay panic fear, like if a guy wants to have sex with another guy then the other guy somehow has no choice in the matter and is made to be gay. They are explicit in showing that it’s not what Lloyd wants, he’s crying and sucking his thumb when Harry accidentally saves him. Then Harry spends an entire scene mocking Lloyd for something which clearly traumatised him. So…yeah, reinforcing horrible stereotypes about gay men and the idea that somehow men being raped is funny? URGH.

I don’t remember the Aspen bit of this movie lasting as long as it does. I got reallllly bored once the Aspent bit started. I just… I just don’t care about them and their trials and tribulations with getting a girl and fighting over the same girl and then messing with each other.

Does it make me love the people? I…I don’t think so. No.

Bechdel test: There’s Flo, J.P. and Mary Swanson, but they only talk to the main guys. And the FBI girl, and the bikini models, there’s a bunch of women but they only talk through Harry and Lloyd.

Best line:
the best bit, which actually made me laugh wasn’t a joke, nnot a line that is spoken but – in the dream sequence the girl opens the door and doves fly up but they just flew straight into her and she winced and for one got trapped behind her and they used that take??? Like why would they use that take? Did the doves fly directly into her every time?

State of Mind: Rubbish movie of rubbish. I feel like this:

dumb done

But also elated that it’s over and I can publish this post and be done with it.

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