The Raid (2011)

The Raid: Redemption
Directed and written by Gareth Huw Evans
(number 452)

A movie which made massive waves when it came out, a movie which is basically one big action sequence. A movie I watched with Max after going to two different Auckland comic book stores and scoring free comic book day loot and a few paid for things as well… We ate a bunch of MacDonalds and I stuck it on.

I did try and watch this movie once before, over Easter at my parents’ house. But early on there’s an execution with a hammer and my mother and Anna both decided this movie wasn’t what they wanted to watch.

It’s a movie with a really bad ass soundtrack. Like, yep, this industrial electronic dance shiz is really good, but also kinda reminiscent of late 90s action which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The film did flip my expectations though. I thought it was a long attack by police on a house full of criminals but quite quickly the police are mostly taken down in a kind of ‘I’m not trapped in here with you, you’re trapped in here with me’ Watchmen moment. In the age of CCTV the police aren’t capable of any kind of element of surprise, and besides that they have adorable child spotters to call out when they’re near. So basically the cops are pretty quickly down to just a handful, with no hope of backup coming and limited ammunition whereas the residents and gang members are prepped and apparently have a lot of guns.

This movie is rough, a lot of death and a lot of violence. I kind of liked that they showed the meth producers still working even while the mad violence was happening. But it’s not a movie which is easy to watch by any stretch.

Does it make me love the people? Yeah it does. I especially loved Rama, the lead character – he was such a pretty boy and he’s one of those easy to root for characters, especially when his brother is introduced too.

Bechdel test: There are no named women in this movie, there’s briefly two wives at different moments but that’s it. No Bechdel win here.

Best line: You don’t shoot cops, you buy them

State of Mind: It’s fine, this kind of non stop gory action isn’t really my thing anymore but for an example of this genre it’s pretty good. It had some genuinely tense bits (hiding in the wall, I forgot to breathe) and some funny moments, some jaw dropping fight scenes, but it’s just not what floats my boat these days. I need a bit more story and character development to be honest.

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