Things I Love Thursday

Anna is lovely and I love her. From snuggles to laughing til we cry to deciding to get pizza to listening to her singing stories. I stayed up real late on Saturday just so I could pick her up from Queen St at midnight, I must be smitten!

Free Comic Book Day – Max and I went to free comic books day, I dressed up as Nightwing so I could get extra comics, so I got 6 at Heroes for Sale and 6 at Arkham City comics. It was so fun to go out and see all these people excited about comics, lots of parents with kids, lots of little girls dressed up to get comics and teenage girls and grown women and it was basically a big fuck you to all those people who say only men read comics. Plus, I got some freaking awesome free comics!

Autumn in Auckland is really pretty, and at the end of the street I work on there are these big maple trees and at the end of the day I can kick through the pretty orange trees and it’s awesome.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

…also I found this weird fungus…


Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Crafting! My jumpstarted motivation from Easter is continuing and I’ve been very productive. Plus I found a collection of selvege pieced blocks I’ve made from scraps over the past few years and I’ve been excited to add to those and imagine what my srappy selvege quilt will eventually look like.

Honourable Mentions: Focusing on getting some 500 movies watched and blogged, flannel PJs, laughing with my squad at work, powering through cases at work, chicken and bacon burgers, Netflix, LRC chocolate milk, messages from friends and skyping into a Monster of the Week game with my old Sunday crew and inventing a new character – Dave the Zombie.

Sparks Nevada:

where are the aliens?


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