Things I Love Thursday

I made pizzas the other day. I made two smallish ones for dinner, and then I still had half the dough so I made 4 small lunch box pizzas, two cheese and garlic and two with pizza toppings. made packing lunch the next day so easy! Plus they were really tasty (wholemeal base, salami, smoked chicken, mushrooms, courgette and garlic toppings)

jennitalula lunchbox

Anna, she is lovely, funny, adorable, smart and doing really well at her job right now. She’s my favourite.

The Monsterhearts game I’m running is going really well, it’s starting to ramp up to the end of the season with the characters almost ready to take growing up moves.

Honourable Mentions: Velociprincesses, going swimming, enjoying the steam room after swimming, my best friend, a tidy and clean house, dinner out on a weeknight, new dolls, assembling Lego and a car full of petrol.

I watched some TED talks this week through Netflix and these two really struck a chord with me and I think as many people as possible should watch them. They’re life hacky useful and entertaining and fascinating, so… watch!

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