Things I Love Thursday

I am really over being sick and tired all the time. I have made a decision that I will immediately start getting better, please wish me luck. On the up side, I have lovely caring workmates, discovered a great (new for me) medical centre and panadol is really good.

Visiting dear friends and catching up/playing roleplaying games is a good time. Kapiti is as lovely as it was cold. Happy Birthday Sam!

Batman toy wars is really pretty fun.

I also enjoy this randomised dialogue Calvin and Hobbes strip Calvin and Markov

Honourable Mentions: Netflix, snuggles, friends, brunches, heaters, blankets, cold medicine, best friends and people being excited about the game I’m running.

Google translates Bohemian Rhapsody is pretty great

Lazy harp seal is probably the best song of the week.


One thought on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. That Calvin & Markov script is fascinating. I went through and read his whole blog on how he built it, what it does, and most importantly, why!?! Lol. Excellent link, thanks!

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