Crafting – Sea to sky baby quilt

When I heard that my dear friends Svend and C were having a baby I knew that the baby quilt I made had to be pretty special. It was the first baby quilt I’d made in a while, and the first proper quilt project I had started since moving up to Auckland. I wanted something I hadn’t done before.

Between scouring Pinterest for cute baby quilts and pinning lots of ‘generic-ish quilt with cool appliqued image over the top’, looking through mum’s quilting books and generally musing over Easter I came up with an idea. What if there was a quilt with little squares or strips in different graded colours, like deep blues and purples at the bottom and that would be the sea, and then greens in the middle for the land, and pale blues for the sky? Then I could design applique animals and things to signify each area.

Mum and Anna both agreed this idea had merit, so I got to cutting. It turns out I have a lot of fabrics and a lot of in theme fabrics… I cut many strips.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

My sky went from pale blue to stars and planets, I had so many strips of differing widths that it covered my whole trestle table… Thankfully when you sew things together it all kind of compresses.

jennitalula quilt

Octopodes! Then it was time to design, iron onto bonding stuff and cut out little applique things. Here’s a close up of my alien piloted UFO, rocket ship and butterflies in the sky section.

jennitalula quilt

Once they were ironed on, I blanket stitched around them with embroidery floss. As C is a librarian and Svend an avid book collector I knew I could reference some children’s books. Here’s the bear from the brilliant ‘I want my hat back‘ by Jon Klassen in the bottom corner of the wide purple border.

jennitalula quilt

I also put a Totoro in amongst the houses.

jennitalula totoro

I’m pretty pleased with this little yellow hedgehog as well.

jennitalula hedgehog

One that was done it was sandwich it up with the batting and the backing and sew the thing, which was nice and quick because baby quilts are pretty small. Apologies for the crappy cellphone picture, must remember to use the tablet for craft images from now on as they come out much nicer.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

and here’s the back. I had a nice big panel of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, but had to pad it out with some Olivia, Firefly crew, dinosaurs, obscure animal alphabets and Where the Wild Things Are.

jennitalula quilt back

I’m pleased to say that the quilt was well received by the expectant parents and I look forward to seeing pictures of it being used by the wee niblet.

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