Things I Love Thursday

Today has been a day of exceptionally good feedback. The kind that takes your imposter syndrome and kicks it in the stomach and it goes flying out the door. I mean, it’s a slightly panicky feeling but it’s also a very good one. I had a very good performance review at work, which emphasised that I am actually good at my job and enjoying it and then I came back from lunch to an email from my manuscript assessor with 9 pages of useful notes, and the comment that it’s worth putting in the work because this story is interesting and engaging and she enjoyed reading it! And of course, the assessor is a high profile Young Adult novelist who I happen to be a fan of, which just makes it so much more awesome.

I am very happy 🙂

Friends who make time to see me when they visit Auckland, last weekend it was James and this weekend it’s Blair! So lovely.

I really love this literary road trips of America map

Baby gets glasses and smiles so wide when she sees her mama, so freaking cute.

Sometimes you just need to watch For the Birds:

Honourable Mentions: Old friends moving up to Auckland, wrapping up my Monsterhearts game with the praise of the players, strawberry milk, antibiotics, sharks, chocolate, ice creams and heaters.

Spotify is slowly winning me over, mostly with lovely curated playlists. I’ve been in there saving songs and making my own playlists that I guess they know me well enough for a weekly curated playlist just for me. Anyway, it gave me this gorgeous song this week and my goodness. It’s so lovely.

Anything for You ~ Ludo

Fantastic kinetic sculpture (esp good to watch with Brian Eno’s 1/2 from Music for Airports playing, which makes sense since the sculpture is in an airport)


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