Things I Love Thursday

America! La Brea tar pits were amazing, seeing real famous art, squirrels, shopping in Santa Monica, DISNEYLAND, Seatle, Portland, food carts, Target, Powell’s City of Books, diners and chilling with Sophie. It was a great time!

jennitalula santa monica

XOXO was amazing. I met a whole lot of amazing people, I had my head exploded, expanded, pieced together and wrung out in all the best ways. I’m stuffed full of motivation and sparking with ideas for new ways to create and get my stuff out. Pretty great actually.

Spring! Okay so it turns out I was really ready to come home and that the sight of all the blossoms, daffodils, and pretty sunshiney weather has made me feel really happy about the seasons changing. Really looking forward to Summer.

Being home with Anna is also the absolutely best thing. I missed her like crazy and it’s great being back home.

I saw Akilah speak at xoxo and she was great, check out her youtube channel, starting with this cover of Cups 🙂

Honourable Mentions: blankets, dolls, books, new T shirts, hot ribena, hot chocolate, aeroplanes and weird dreams.