Things I Love Thursday


my XOXO motivation is pretty concrete, which is super awesome. This week I rebranded my indie games company and launched a new domain and blog for it! If you’re interested in games, game design and tabletop, please check out Scary Monster Games.

Anna, I’m still ridiculously happy to be home with her. I sleep so much better in our bed and I get cuddles all the time. What a cutie she is. Also she just tried to ask me for her keyboard but the only noun she could think of was ‘potato’. The end of term is hard, yo.

Spotify and the awesome music it streams to me, and that I can play at home through my boom.

Planting, I can’t really have a proper garden but I can have

Honourable Mentions: PS4, Disney Infinity, sunshine, laundry drying quicker, soft warm blankets, cuddles, Scotchmallow bars from See’s Candies, lots of people at work happy to see me back, new comics, getting editing done, Life is Strange and new Blu Rays.


Panic! at the Disco ~ Hallelujah

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