Things I Love Thursday

This week I am thankful for…

Kapcon is this weekend. I’m really looking forward to it! Lots of gaming, trying out my new game, seeing so very many friends and playing what looks like a very fun LARP. Woo!

Field Notes and in particular the gorgeous ‘snow blind’ editions that are white but turn pale blue in direct sunlight. Just beautiful design and lovely notebooks to use.

Postcards: I really love writing, sending and receiving postcards! It’s just really appealing to me. I need a couple more penpals to do this with…

Rainbow's End

Rainbow’s End

Rainbow’s End may not be the fanciest or flashest theme park, but it is also the only one we can drive to. It’s also really fun! A group of us went on Saturday and had a lot of fun shouting FLUUUME! going on the Pirate Ship, the roller coaster, the gold rush and of course, the log flume. So much fun.

Netflix allowing us to watch Most Haunted, and Anna to watch How to Train Your Dragon serieses and me to watch Jessica Jones. Very convenient way to access TV, unless you’re not sure what you want to watch and then it’s a wealth of endless nothingness. But it also has a new season of New Girl so the endless nothingness is at bay.

Healing, I have been pathetically pathetic about getting surgery last week but there are some good things about it: Anna looking after me, painkillers, waterproof bandage tape stuff and sleep. Sleep has been very important to me in this last week.

Honourable Mentions: hot summer sunshine, tiny shorts, taking off the bra on the return home, people asking me for advice, watching 500 movies again, home made pizza, fresh baby carrots, growing things and sleeping.


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